Do you always feel ridiculous when talking dirt to a guy? Are you always blushing when doing this, instead of the guy? With some practice, you can move out of that chain. Note that what you achieve depends on certain factors. These factors could be your personal taste, experience, age, and the nature of your relationship with a guy.

Talking Dirty to a Guy

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Before talking dirty to a guy or your husband, you need to observe some protocols. First, consider the personality of your guy. Does he get nervous at the height of physical or romantic touching? What is his reaction when you act funny? Does he like trying out new things? What kind of language does he generally use in his conversations?

By asking yourself these questions, you will know the best way to approach talking dirty to him. You will also be able to pinpoint his weak points and those things that can quickly get him interested.

Once you identify these specifics, you need to go on and test the water. How much is he open dirty talk? If you discover he does not like public affection or talking filthy, you can entice him subtly. You can start with simple things like, “that shirt is nice on you, look”

Try to bring about the conversation to where you want it to be. You have to be able to steer the conversion to the direction you want. If you feel you can’t do this, why not get yourself a self-help book from those we recommend in later sections to help you.

Are Guides on How to Talk Dirty to a Guy That Are Sold On the Internet Reliable?

Many of the guides you can find on the internet are actually very reliable when it comes to teaching you how to talk dirty to a guy. While it may take some time before you actually harness all the techniques and methods you will learn and make an impact, you will still get valuable information from those books when you read them.

Most Important Benefits of Talking Dirty to a Guy

While some women are asking how to learn about talking dirty to their partners, others are asking why it is important. It might even embarrass some women, especially those who have never thought such thing exists.

This is very normal. However, there might be some benefits to talking dirty between couples. In the following, I am going to bring some of the benefits you can gain from doing this:

#1 it helps you to determine what you are comfortable with

This is the main reason you will find so many articles and guides about this topic. It is usually tricky at first. It makes some people nervous and very unwilling to use some cuss words. Another issue is how you view some of the words that are used in dirty talk. You need to differentiate how you view these words in the real world and in the bedroom. A word like “slut” may be offensive to you outside, but in the bedroom, it could serve to turn you on. It can be challenging to take words like this and try to work with them. However, challenging situations can make you understand what you are comfortable with.

#2 it keeps your companion in the loop

Although it will take practice for you to be able to determine what works for you, you can reach an acceptable level through practice. You will have to do a lot of practice with talking dirty so that you will recognize how you feel when you say it and how your partner feels too. Your partner can’t read your mind, however, and for this reason, he would just be kept in the loop.

#3 it can get your creative juices flowing

When you can let loose of all is in your head especially during sex with your partner, it can help you get a new feeling about everything. It gives you different avenues to express your feelings to your partner and get your own creativity moving forward.

#4 it can serve as a form of foreplay

Many therapists who specialize on sex will tell you the important of foreplay before sex. You will be even shocked that it is even more recommended for women. Since it takes far longer for women to get aroused than men, it takes longer than that for them to reach orgasm. Therefore, foreplay is an important thing you need to know more about. If you can direct your dirty talk well enough, you will see that you can enjoy your partner at the same level that foreplay can give you. If you can take your time, you can relive the experience later and see that it was so much tantalizing.

How to Find Good Guides on How to Talk Dirty to a Guy

It is not difficult at all to find good guides on how to talk dirty to your man. However, you need to know where to look. If you look in the wrong places, you will get the wrong results. I have written this article to prevent just that from happening. I think you can use Google to do this. However, it can be very hard to spot the right guides especially if you are not familiar with searching on

Sometimes Google will give you good results, however, at most other times, you may not even understand what you are getting from the search results page.

Therefore, I will recommend some products on for you. In this website, it is very easy to locate any book that you want especially one that covers this topic.

Review of the Best 3 Guides on How to Talk Dirty to a Guy

#1 the Dirty Talk Handbook

This instructional guide will help you talk dirty to your male lover. It will help you move out of your shy shell and get you somehow in the mood of some serious dirty talk. Now that you have this book, you should be able to try it on your husband and take control of the situation.

It lays all the important information in a quick but easy way. Anyone can learn from all the important information in this book. It comes with many one-liners that you can try on your husband. In addition, and most importantly, it is adequate and suitable for the beginner.


  • You will learn how to deliver natural-sounding dirty talk that is effective on your man.
  • You will learn to stop worrying about what he wants to hear. You will just develop the confidence that he will go wild when he hears you saying all the things you are going to say.
  • You will learn how to strengthen your long distance relationships with your man
  • You will be able to move from one-liners to dialogue that will help you hook him
  • You will learn how to be creative with your dirty talk, so that you will not sound too direct and daring.
  • You will also have access to different techniques that will back up your dirty talk.
  • You will be able to tap into the deepest fantasies of your husband and get him turned on.
  • You will have access to different dirty talk scenarios so that you can be prepared for each one.


You have to learn all the strategies and apply them the right way. And it will take some time before you will start seeing results.

#2 Dirty Dialogues: A Good Girl’s Guide to Being Bad

This is a guide by Devian Day in which he reveals how not to just talk dirty to your man, but to create a dirty dialogue with him.

The book will show you how to deepen your relationship and master the art of sexual expression faster that you expected. You will need this book if: (a) you always feel awkward and embarrassed when talking dirty to your man, (b) you don’t always get the result you ever wanted; this is the guide for you. If you are in this dilemma, you will know that it is very bad to be in this situation if you don’t know what to do about it.

You should get this book if you want to please your man’s widest fantasy or if you are already practicing dirty talk to please him. Moreover, if you have not been able to achieve what you want with your efforts, you will find this a good option to choose.


  • Your will have access to the strategy that will help you captivate your man’s fantasy and be the woman of his dreams. You can put to work immediately these simple strategies.
  • You will also be able to learn how to send the right signals to him through your dialogues.
  • It will show you those things that are pleasing to your husband through dirty talk but that you were not aware of.
  • You will also learn about the pitfalls that obstruct most women from successfully talking dirty to their man.
  • You will have access to the best ways to establish an everlasting relationship both inside and outside the bedroom.


It might not be suitable for the beginner since they are advance techniques.

#3 Felicity Keith’s Language of Desire: Dirty Words to Make Him Yours

Felicity Keith has created this guide to show you how to enter and infiltrate your man’s innermost desires and fantasies. That is his imagination, his mind. You will discover many strategies that will enable your man to love you more.


  • You will learn how to create a condition for you man so that he will become turned on every time you want him to
  • Learn the strategy that will make him value you and cherish you as his wonderful woman
  • Learn the most important technique that will help you go past his defenses and get across to his wildest imagination.
  • Learn the method that will help you tease him, and make you desire you more


It is an expensive eBook compared to the others on this list


If you are going to see any progress in your little dirty talk secret arsenal, you should get all or one of the books you have learn about in this article. They will help you improve your game.